360 Degree Service

This program requires a lengthy interview to be accepted in to this program.  There will be only a limited number of players accepted in to the 360 Program and new players will NOT be accepted until another player exits the program.  This is for the serious hockey player and hockey family and players can be taken out of the program, or put on a temporary hold, for non-performance.  It is a big commitment.  This program is about having a personal coach, mentor and independent accountability partner.  This program is about having a personal coach, mentor, independent accountability partner, and positive motivational presence in a player’s journey.  This program gives you an experienced personal coach who will train the player and the family on the complete process of hockey as well as life skills coach. This program is the ultimate in personal coaching.

Player promotion and advanced placement to the next level including AAA or Prep School options in North America, Junior hockey, and NCAA Div I, II and III.  This is also referred to as having an advisor or advisory service

This program is the equivalent of having a personal coach so LIFE skills will also be a very big part of this program.

For a comprehensive list of services and areas covered in this program, or to start the interview and admissions process, please contact us to get started.  The time is NOW!!!

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