Discipline and action are the bridge between goals and accomplishment

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“The game has changed so much since I was a young kid fighting (haha) and competing against my brothers and neighborhood friends.  In so many ways, everything is better, especially the players.  But so too, the obstacles and challenges of being a part of this great game have also grown and many players and families are overwhelmed or intimidated by those things.

We have to keep that in full focus and without a doubt, discipline and action are the magical keys to unlocking our true potential in both hockey and in life.”

– Brad Hamacher


Your child wants to be at the top of the hockey pyramid so much that we are willing to make huge family sacrifices to give them an opportunity to live their dream.   BUT, what is important?  When?  How much?  With who?  What team?  What level?  What is the goal?  How do we define success?  Does he or she have what Junior, College and Pro scouts and coaches are looking for?  All good questions and if we are being honest as parents, are completely unqualified to answer.  Brad Hamacher answers all of these questions in the context of his holistic approach that starts with what he refers to as the process of hockey.  You could spend a lifetime in hockey and not find anyone more qualified to mentor, educate, manage the emotional roller coaster, ground and refocus you and your child.  Brad is a natural leader that does what he says when he says, he is passionate, knowledgeable, caring, patient, selfless and personally invests in your child.

Kevin T

I didn't have many options until Brad helped me get into several NAHL main camps within a few days of asking for his help.  He also continued to help me when the team I had signed with was not a good fit for me and he went above and beyond to help me find other options.  I had the privilege of playing for him and I have never seen a coach who keeps his word to his players and genuinely cares about their progress like Brad does.  I owe an immense amount of credit to Brad and his endless support to me and my family for being fortunate enough to play NCAA hockey.

Eric A

Just wanted to thank you for a very productive checking clinic.  This being our second year of attending, I continue to be impressed by how well you run this given the amount of kids involved and the individual focus you provide.

As I was waiting for my son to leave, I was most impressed that you knew the name of every kid leaving the rink and addressed them by name.  Your level of involvement to make this personal, regardless of their skill level was very impressive.  Thank you for that!

Keep up the great work in youth hockey!

John W

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